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Avoiding Intestacy

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"Intestacy" sounds like something you want to avoid, and it is.  Intestacy is the condition of dying without a will or other "testamentary" document describing what is to happen with your property when you die.  If you die intestate, the law will simply dictate how your property is to be distributed.  Very often, what the law dictates is not what you would prefer.

Go to my page on Intestacy to get an idea of how your property will pass, under Texas law, if you do not have a will or trust.  Additionally: ‚ÄčClicking this link will download a set of charts in PDF that illustrate how your property will pass if you do not leave a will or trust.  This document was prepared by a Travis County judge and is distributed by Travis County.

Having a will or a trust with testamentary provisions will avoid intestacy and allow you to give your property to whom you want in those proportions you want.