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Your business has valuable intellectual property, and I can help protect it.  

1.  Your business name:  From the simplest protection - filing a fictitious use statement - to the most robust protection of a Registered Trademark, I can help your business protect the unique name you've chosen for it.  Trademarks are not especially difficult to procure, but I can help you through the process, represent you with the Trademark Office, and help you understand what you can, and cannot, get as a trademark.  My most recent successful trademark involves a set of children's book characters.

2.  Your confidential information:  Whenever you share your confidential information with others, you need to make sure they understand that the information is not to be shared.  I can help you with Non-Disclosure Agreements tailored to your specific requirements.  This same protection should be built into your employment contracts so that employees agree not to use the confidential information gained while in your employ after they have left.  

3.  "Trade Dress" - For some businesses, the 'look and feel' of the company and/or its products is critical to success.  This field of law is fluid and in the internet age is not well settled, but I can help a business try to understand what can be done to help protect the value that has built up over time and help to protect your distinct appearance in the marketplace.  (In a classic example, the Owens-Corning company was issued a trademark for the color pink as used in its fiberglass insulation products.)

4.  Patents.  I am not a patent attorney and am not licensed to practice patent law.  I will gladly help you find a competent patent attorney in your field.

Intellectual Property Protection for your Business

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