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Note: The people depicted in these photos are not depicting an attorney, but rather businesspeople.

Small business is the engine that drives America and I offer a wide range of business services to help you create, manage, and govern your business, and, hopefully, proactively work to keep your business out of legal problems.  Let me partner with you to help drive your success.

1.  Entity Creation:  The first legal concern for your business is what type of legal entity you will have.  I can help you create a liability-limiting entity such as a corporation or LLC.  Go to my Entity Creation page.

2.  Entity Licensing:  Whatever type of entity you create, you will likely have licensing requirements for doing business.  These can include local business licenses, retail sales tax licenses, employee licenses, profession-specific licenses etc.  Go to my Entity Licensing page.

3.  Entity Governance:  One you are up and running, you may have legal requirements to maintain proper governance of your entity (this is particularly true of corporations which are required, no matter how small, to have directors' meetings, keep minutes, etc.  I can help you with Corporate Governance.

4.  Contracts:  Most companies require a variety of contracts, including leases for space, purchase and sales agreements, mergers and acquisitions, licenses, liability waiver forms, etc.  I can help you with your business contracting needs.

5.  Employee Matters: If you are going to have employees, you will have employee issues.  Salaried or hourly?  At Will?  Employee or Contractor?  There are all Employment-law related issues that small businesses will face, and I can help you with these employment matters.

6.  Intellectual Property Protection:  Your company may have important Intellectual Property to protect.  This includes your name, the look and feel of your business, confidential business information, your product ideas, etc.  Let me help you protect your important intellectual property.

7.  "Key Man" Planning.  Small businesses often have a few, or one, key people whose presence and involvement in the company are critical to business success.  If these "Key Men"  are suddenly unavailable, your business can really suffer - and by extension your family and the families of your business partners and employees.  I can help you plan Key Man protection.

8.  Succession Planning.  When you are ready to 'hang it up', proper succession planning goes a long way towards protecting the value of the work you have put into your business over the years.  Let me help you preserve what you've worked so hard to build.

9.  Estate Planning.  Estate Planning is also very important for the small businessman to help preserve and pass on the value of what you have worked so hard for.  I offer a full selection of estate planning documents and tools.  Very often, your estate planning goals will directly involve your business planning goals.  Please refer to my Estate Planning page.


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