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Some types of business entities, especially corporations, require on-going governance and 'legal' work.  Specifically, corporations must "observe the corporate formalities", which is to say they need to actually do those things corporations are expected to do, such as have yearly shareholder meetings and yearly directors' meetings, have their books audited and financial reports prepared, etc.  Shareholder and directors' meetings must generate minutes which must be entered into the corporate records of the company, etc.  Failure to do this can be considered by a court as a factor in determining whether the corporate entity is really being used in some fraudulent way in which case the court could "pierce the corporate veil" to visit personal liability on the owners of the company.  Happily, failure to "observe the corporate formalities" cannot be relied upon as the sole factor in determining that the corporate entity, and therefore the liability protection afforded by that entity, can be ignored.  However, that is not grounds to relax: corporations should still have these meetings, generate the minutes, get the financial reports, etc.

I can help with this by generating meeting notices, proposed resolutions, meeting minutes, etc.  

Business Entity Governance