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Employment law can be tricky.  What type of employee can be considered hourly versus salaried?  Determining which is which depends on the industry, the pay level, etc.  How does overtime work, exactly?  I can help you with these issues.

I can help you understand the basics of employment law, and help you design your employment strategy to minimize risk to you and your company for wage claims, etc.  You should have a clear employee handbook.  Clear expectations of hours, working conditions, use of company tools and equipment, etc.  The more well defined you have this at the outset, the less likely you are to have a big problem later on.  

There are some areas, principally involving benefits, specifically including retirement plan rules, health care rules, etc., are too arcane and I will refer you to a CPA or tax specialist for more information in that area.  My experience is that nobody understands the full implications of the Affordable Care Act to small businesses.  

Employment Law